In-Page Accessibility Checker

Sa11y is an "accessibility quality assurance assistant" which highlights and explains accessibility issues it detects in the page preview within Omni CMS.

This tool is independent of Siteimprove and the other accessibility tools available within Omni CMS. It is not a comprehensive accessibility scanner, it is simply detecting a number of common WCAG 2.1 A and AA issues. The goal is to raise awareness of some common issues and hopefully reduce their occurrence on our websites.

The functionality is initially visible as an icon in the bottom-right corner of the rendered page: sa11y icon displayed in bottom-right corner of page preview

When the user interacts with the icon, additional information is displayed: sa11y displays page outline and number of errors and warnings found on the page

In addition to the list of issues and page outline displayed next to the icon, additional overlays and information are available within the page, including heading levels displayed next to the headings: heading level overlays to the right of the page headings

Errors are highlighted within the page in red and a triangle/exclamation point icon is placed next to them. Warnings are highlighted in yellow with a circle/question mark icon. Hovering the mouse over the warnings/errors will display additional information about that specific issue: Highlighted warnings and errors with additional error information in a popup

This functionality will only be available when previewing pages using the Crimson templates.