User Level

A user's level determines the functionality available to the user within Modern Campus CMS. The information provided here is based on the Permissions Chart on the Modern Campus CMS Support site. If there is a conflict between the two, please let us know (and assume that the chart is correct unless it can be proven otherwise). With the exception of user levels 9 and 10, user level does not grant a user access to a site or its content. To access content, a user must be assigned to the required Access Groups.


The following describes the permissions/functionality granted at each level. These permissions are cumulative, so a level 8 user will also have any permissions listed for levels 0 - 7. Levels which are not included in the list do not provide additional permissions, but may be used to indicate a user has been granted optional permissions.

Level 0 users can review, publish, and decline edits but cannot perform any of the editing functions. If changes need to take place, the Level 0 user needs to send the page back to the original user to have the edits completed.

This user level is primarily used when someone needs to login to Modern Campus CMS to review content but will not be editing the content directly. They can view unpublished content and participate in Workflow, but can't do much else.

Level 1 users can access dashboard/sidebar gadgets; edit pages, assets, and RSS items; rebuild RSS feeds; and view some reports.

Optionally, level 1 users may be granted access to add entries to the spellcheck dictionary; edit source code; delete, overwrite, or upload files; access the recycle bin; or delete assets. (All optional functionality is disabled by default.)

Level 4 users can create pages, sections/folders, and assets.

Level 5 users can modify page parameters/properties.

Level 6 users can upload files.

Optionally, level 6 users may be granted access to import zip files.

Level 8 users can delete files and folders; access the Recycle Bin; copy, delete, move, and rename files and folders; copy, delete, and rename assets; and edit access settings for content to which they already have access.

Level 9 users can add entries to the spellcheck dictionary, assign RSS feeds, configure tags access, create snippets, edit source code, view all reports, and ignore most group restrictions.

Although there are a significant number of permissions which are only available to level 10 users, a level 9 user has few limits on their access to the content on the sites within their account.

Only level 10 users can do the following:

  • Create or modify components, groups, and users.
  • Configure access to assets and sites.
  • Configure account settings, gadgets, site settings, and site-level directory variables.
  • Initiate a site-wide Find and Replace.
  • Install gadgets from the Marketplace.
  • Publish a folder or an entire site. (Please don't publish sites.)
  • Manage custom dictionaries and tags.
  • Configure Facebook, Google Analytics, and Twitter integration with Omni CMS.
  • Create RSS feeds.