Modern Campus CMS

(Formerly Omni CMS or OU Campus)

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Modern Campus CMS is used by staff/faculty to create official, public-facing SDSU websites and webpages that are SDSU branded, meet accessibility requirements, and render well on a range of devices. The system is supported by ITD Web Services and Infrastructure, in cooperation with technical support staff and web designers/developers from many areas of campus.

Crimson Templates

In June 2021, Strategic Communications and Public Affairs, in cooperation with ITD Web Services and Infrastructure, crossed a milestone in the Web Alignment Project with the launch of the SDSU Homepage in the Crimson templates.

For information about the Business or College templates and contact/support options for sites using those templates, please visit the OU Campus @ SDSU site.


If your college or organizational unit has someone (or a team) that supports your website, please contact them for help/support. If you aren't sure or your unit does not have someone to support your website (or you are that person and need help/support), please visit the ServiceNow Service Portal. Once you've logged in, you have two options:

  1. You can navigate to the Service Catalog (using the Service Catalog link in the menu or the Request a Service link on the page), then navigate to Web Services > Omni CMS. From there, you can select from the common request forms (please only use these request forms for the specific type of request indicated; use method #2 for any other type of request):
    • Go Live Request - Your new site is almost ready and you want to schedule the date for it to be live to the world. Please allow 5 business days and review the Going Live page to ensure the site is ready.
    • New Site Request - Request a new website in the Crimson templates. If you are looking for a new page or section within an existing website, please contact that site's support personnelle or use method #2).
    • Feature Request - Request a new feature in the Crimson templates. This could be something small, like a modification/extension of existing functionality, or something big, like a new page template. All requests will be considered based on a number of factors, including how it fits within the existing templates and resources available to make the changes.
    • Training Request - We offer many forms of training depending on your level of experience with Modern Campus CMS and your specific requirements.
    • User/Site Access Request - Request access to a specific page/site, grant users access to your site, request a higher user level, access to a calendar, or something else related to user configuration.
  2. Use the Report a Problem link to submit a request for any other help/support. Please include Omni CMS in the "Describe your issue" field along with the rest of the subject/title for best results, as this will route the issue directly to the Modern Campus CMS support team.

ServiceNow Service Portal